Potter Palace Ministries is trying to enhance the livelihood of people by creating a good understanding with God. They preach to be closer with God. Potter Palace Ministries has saved and healed thousands of people. Through their prayers they have shared the beliefs and guided all in the right path.

To reach millions and a new way of preaching Potter Palace Ministries has started Television Ministries. Using Internet, Ministries can reach the lives of many people across the Globe. We can achieve many things based on faith. This message is being spread by Potter Palace Ministries. An enduement of power has made the believers to fully participate in the Ministry. The Saviour’s atoning sacrifice made people to enter the light of the Lord with a thirst to serve God.

A big revival and growth has been brought in many Churches, Ministries by Pas. Abraham Charles anointed teaching. It didnot stop with Churches and Ministries, even non-denominational churches of different languages and cultural backgrounds have felt his presence.

Potter Palace Ministries has anointed many pastors, leaders, and youths making their life overwhelmed with joy.